Hearth & Home Technologies

In 1979, Dane Harman, designed and built a stove to heat his home. It heated so well that his neighbors asked him to build one for them too. Dane agreed, and was soon so overcome with an abundance of orders, that within a short time, he outgrew the garage and decided to build what is now known as the Harman Stove Company.

With over 40 stove models, several patents, and continuous operation for over twenty five years, Harman is an undisputed leader of stove manufacturing. Harman manufactures wood, coal, pellet, gas stoves, gas fireplaces, boilers, stokers, furnaces, and the Harman Iron line of cast iron stoves . The Company has progressed from heating a few homes in central Pennsylvania to heating tens of thousands of homes and businesses across America, Canada, Western Europe and the British Isles. Dane Harman is unrelentingly devoted to making the most dependable and durable stoves on the market. That was his goal 25 years ago, the same as it is today, and the same as it assuredly will be tomorrow.

Based in Halifax, Pennsylvania, Harman Stove Company prides itself on maintaining superlative quality of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and keeping on the cutting edge of technology. Robotic welding, laser cutting, cnc molding, 3D CAD/CAM engineering, and highly computerized manufacturing processes are just a few of the techniques used to ensure each stove is made with unmatched precision and quality.

With the ongoing success of Harman Stove Company and in celebration of it's 20th Anniversary, Dane then extended his goals, in 1999, and invented Harman Built Fireplaces (HBF).

Taking the heating industry lead once again in 2002, Dane introduced the "Harman Iron" line of cast iron stoves. The Accentra' pellet stove and the Oakwood wood burning stove are the first in a line of cast iron heating appliances that for the homeowner are the pinnacle of fit, form, and finish.By now you've discovered that Dane isn't someone to sit back and rest on his laurels. In 2003 "and" 2004 his stoves won the National Hearth Products Association trade show Vesta awards. Sponsored and presented by Hearth & Home Magazine the Vesta Awards are prestigious and highly coveted awards throughout the hearth industry.

Dane Harman continues to stay as busy as he was almost 25 years ago, rarely behind a desk, you'll find him constantly out checking quality and craftsmanship, inventing new models, and engineering enhancements to current models. You might even find him on a forklift. A dynamic man who's not just our president, he's also our toughest customer, because Dane heats his home with a Harman stove right out of the warehouse. If a Harman Stove doesn't meet Dane's standards it doesn't leave the factory. Thanks to Dane's unflagging commitment to the highest manufacturing standards, Harman Stove Company is able to offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, at no added cost to you.