Business Support

Strengthen the reputation and results of this industry-leading hearth company for its customers, stakeholders, and members with positions in finance, IT, sales, human resources, and marketing. 

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Supply Chain and Operations

Manage operations, materials, and production with an eye on logistics and procurement. 


Improve daily manufacturing operations and processes, solve intricate problems, and create pieces and products that have never existed before, all in a flexible and collaborative environment.  

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Production and Distribution

Hands-on careers for professionals, skilled trades, and general production specialists with educational opportunities to help you exceed your potential. 

Fireside Hearth & Home

Construction industry opportunities at the leading fireplace installing distributor in North America.

At Hearth & Home Technologies, We Invest in Our Members

A positive work culture makes all the difference. We purposefully foster an environment that supports the goals, ambitions, and curiosities of our members. From professional development and educational growth opportunities to generous PTO, we invest in our team members because they invest in us.

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    Professional Growth Opportunities


A Place for All

We’re committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment where our members’ unique talents and characters unite for the greater good. With an eye on holistic inclusion, we believe our differences make us that much stronger.

We believe getting to the place of belonging, where all members can contribute their best, is one of the ultimate goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.