Our Promise

It is our duty to conduct business in ways that better our planet and our communities, and we take that duty seriously. Acting as responsible stewards of the Earth today betters the lives of tomorrow’s generations—our processes, products, and methodologies support this notion in all that we do.

Our Achievements

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Lowered Emissions

Lowered emissions on our biomass hearth products to meet or exceed new EPA standards for all wood and pellet hearth appliances.

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Reduced Energy Use

Our Projects completed in 2022 reduced actual energy use by 4.4%

HNI is eliminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) in packaging, moving towards 100% recyclable packing by 2025. Hearth & Home Technologies members are on track with 91% progress for a total of over 70,000 foam parts.

Clean Energy

Since 2018, our Halifax Facility has been a zero-waste stove production plant powered by solar- and hydro-generated electricity.

Renewable Energy

100% renewable energy: Our foundry in Vermont is powered by solar and hydro-generated electricity from the St Lawrence River for 100% renewable energy.

Our corporate Lakeville, Minnesota office has integrated Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Huge Energy Savings

Our 2022 energy savings amounted to 4,395,000kwh,
roughly the power of 413 average American homes.
Here’s how we did it:

  • 1.

    LED lighting throughout Hearth & Home Technologies manufacturing buildings.

  • 2.

    New energy-efficient state-of-the-art compressor system and modifications, reducing electricity use by more than 800,000 kWh annually.

  • 3.

    Air leak minimization program throughout our manufacturing buildings.

  • 4.

    Strategic equipment upgrades throughout our locations.

Sustainable Stoves

Recycled materials

100% of our raw cast iron is recycled and reused: Tens of millions of pounds of recycled brake drums and unused stove parts are remelted and reused for new products. Foundry sand is used as landfill topping to reduce emissions.

90% of our steel products are made from recycled steel. 100% of our scrap steel is recycled—we maximize every inch of steel and recycle what we don’t use.

High-efficiency stoves help our consumers save. Most of our wood and pellet products are over 75% HHV efficiency, qualifying consumers for up to $2,000 Federal Tax Credit on their stove and installation costs.

Sustainable Fireplaces

Efficient Technologies

98% of our gas fireplaces use intermittent pilot ignition (IPI), eliminating the need for a constant pilot flame. This system ignites when you turn on the fireplace and extinguishes when you turn it off, saving money, fuel, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to a standing pilot system.

In addition to traditional wood, our fireplaces can run on more eco-friendly means such as recycled wood pellets as well as gas or electricity.

Our fireplaces were featured in ICONIC LIFE magazine's Net Zero ICONIC home, the nation's first sustainable showhouse. This remarkable home is so airtight and efficient that it generates as much energy as it consumes!

Our Goals

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    Reduce Energy Use

    Reduce energy intensity by 50% by 2035.

    Source 100% renewable electricity across global operations annually.

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    Move Towards Sustainable Packaging

    Eliminate Styrofoam and move to 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

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    Strive for Zero Waste

    Zero waste to landfill by 2030 in all of our plants. We are integrating new reclamation methods, including wood recycling and refractory diversion in all our facilities.

Meeting Industry Standards

Exceeding Industry Regulations

As the world’s largest hearth manufacturer, we’re at the forefront of investing in and driving the development of innovative technologies and solutions for cleaner, safer products. Our hearth products have been tested to meet applicable ANSI and EPA standards and are tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories, CSA Group, Omni, and PFS. 

Our products meet or exceed industry regulations. And with efficiencies as high as 99.9%, many mitigate waste and maximize energy, regardless of the fuel used.

A Culture of Giving

Community-Driven: Do Good. Feel Good

Hearth & Home Technologies team works within a “Do Good, Feel Good” group, offering members time off to engage in member-led community activities.

Partner with Habitat for Humanity to Build houses for our local communities.

Donating member-made tie blankets to House of Charity, which provides shelter for the unhoused population.

School supply and grocery donations through the 360 Communities charitable organizations and their Armful of Love programs

Food deliveries to older adults through Meals on Wheels. 

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