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Cookie & Tracking Technology Notice │ Effective [8.14.2023]


Tracking technologies, such as cookies, tags, pixels, fingerprinting, web beacons, and similar script, are used to store and/or share information about website visitors, their systems, and browsers. The information collected by cookies and tracking technologies varies depending on each website's components and can be of a personal nature (information that directly or indirectly can identify you) and of a non-personal nature (information that does not identify directly or indirectly any single individual, such as cookies used to enable language settings on a website). Information of a personal nature may include, but is not limited to, details regarding the device you are using, the browser you are using, your IP address, the previous website you visited, whether you clicked on one of our ads, and your browsing behavior.

This Cookies and Tracking Technology Notice (“Cookie Notice”) provides information about the cookies and other tracking technologies used on our websites, as well as the categories of information we collect, the purposes for which the cookies and other tracking technologies collect information, and their classification into the four categories of tracking technologies that we use. This Cookie Notice applies to the Websites as defined in our Privacy Notice.

Tracking Technologies

Type of Technology




Cookies are a type of data from a website in the form of a text command (e.g., a script) stored within a web browser to remember information about you, such as language preference and login information, or to carry out the necessary communication transmissions (e.g., HTTP requests) to provide a service or application you have requested.

  • Delivering security features;
  • Assisting in navigation of the Websites (e.g., displaying pages and visual elements);
  • Assisting you with logging in, providing feedback, and populating information;
  • Assessing your use of the Websites by providing us with aggregated statistics (e.g., the number of visits and pages you visited on our Websites);
  • Assisting with our promotional and marketing efforts (including behavioral advertising).


This is the process to collect a set of features and characteristics from a device (e.g., navigator language, window screen, time zone, location, or image processing) for several purposes, like enhancing security or adapting the user’s experience on the Websites.

  • Identifying device characteristics (UID, DNT, Signal, Timezone, and Language) to provide technical features of Websites and collect user’s cookie’s preferences;
  • Analytics and Marketing regarding your device and browser for purposes linked with our Google Tag Manager Usage.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are small tags placed on a website resource or in an email to track how the user interacts with the content.  This interaction generates a “hit,” counting your interaction with the HEML content. 

  • Acquiring essential insights into the performance of the content;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Web Tags or Tracking Pixels

These are a type of code (e.g., JavaScript code in a tag manager) or pixel (a small 1x1 transparent image) loaded into the webpage to enable website features, like web design components, or to track user’s behavior across websites and devices.  These are commonly associated with social media widgets such as a like button.

  • Loading necessary features in the Websites, such as fonts, webpage layout, videos, and photos;
  • Analysis of user experience on the Websites;
  • Providing a better experience individually to our customers by loading personalized and enhanced content.

Cookie Categories

Our Websites use first and third party cookies to provide services, products, and resources you may have requested during your navigation.  We classify our cookies in the following categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies which provide the service, application, and other essential functionalities of our Websites.  These trackers are set to manage essential actions, such as requesting visual elements, page resources, or due user login/logoff, and essential functionalities, like authentication and load balancer requests.
  • Functional Cookies which provide enhanced performance for some website resources and services as well as sometimes to adopt a higher level of personalization.  Services and functionalities implemented by these cookies support features like an automatically filled text box, live web chat, platform, non-necessary forms, and optional security parameters like a single sign-on.
  • Performance Cookies which provide quantitative measurement of the Websites and resources used for purposes like troubleshooting and analytics.  These cookies count visits and traffic sources to improve the performance of our website and our ads and applications.
  • Targeting Cookies which provide behavioral advertising and remarketing of analytical data.  These cookies collect browsing information necessary to create profiles and understand user habits to develop an individual and specific advertising routine.  The profile created regarding your browsing history and behavior is used to customize the ads you see when you access other websites.

When you visit our Websites, you are presented with choices regarding which trackers will be used while visiting our Websites.  You may choose not to allow any of the following trackers: Functional Cookies, Performance Cookies, and Targeting Cookies.  Strictly Necessary Cookies cannot be blocked as they are required for the essential functionality of the Websites.  Please note that if you only allow Strictly Necessary Cookies, you may affect your browsing experience when compared with a user who accepted these functionalities.  

You may change your preference regarding these trackers at any time in our Cookie Preference Center.  Your choices regarding these trackers will not affect your access to our Websites; however, the user experience may vary depending on the categories of cookies that you accept.

For more information about how Google Analytics collects and uses data when you use our Website, visit, and to opt out of Google Analytics, visit  You can learn more about how Google uses data at and opt out-out of personalized ads from Google by visiting

Why Am I seeing Third Party Cookies if I Rejected Non-essential Trackers?

Please note that even if you accept only Necessary Cookies, you may still see third party trackers that are enabled by services we use in our ecosystem, including Google components like ReCaptcha and Tag Manager.  Third party trackers are enabled because these services may also have cookies or trackers that they have classified as strictly necessary to perform the services that we requested.

Another reason for seeing third party trackers on your browser is that you have already used or accessed a third-party service prior to visiting our website. For example, if you landed on our website using a search engine like "Google Search" it is likely that Google’s search engine may have enabled trackers on your browser (e.g. related to your preferences with regards to Google's own tracking technologies). You can read more details about how Google may use your personal information in this context by visiting Google’s Privacy and Terms.

Download a PDF of this Notice Here.